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Apache Airflow Cheatsheet

airflow dag-processorStart a standalone Dag Processor instance
airflow infoShow information about current Airflow and environment
airflow kerberosStart a kerberos ticket renewer
airflow pluginsDump information about loaded plugins
airflow rotate-fernet-keyRotate encrypted connection credentials and variables
airflow schedulerStart a scheduler instance
airflow standaloneRun an all-in-one copy of Airflow
airflow sync-permUpdate permissions for existing roles and optionally DAGs
airflow triggererStart a triggerer instance
airflow config get-valueShow the version
airflow config listStart a Airflow webserver instance

View configuration 

airflow config get-value Print the value of the configuration
airflow config list           List options for the configuration  

Manage connections  

airflow connections add  Add a connection     
airflow connectionsCreates all the default connections from all the providers
create-default-connections    Start a kerberos ticket renewer
airflow connections delete Delete a connection     
airflow connections export Export all connections     
airflow connections getGet a connection     
airflow connections importImport connections from a file
airflow connections listList connections 
airflow connection testTest a connection 

Manage DAGs

airflow dags backfill                  Run subsections of a DAG for a specified date range   
airflow dags delete                     Delete all DB records related to the specified DAG       
airflow dags details                    Get DAG details given a DAG id              
airflow dags list                          List all the DAGs        
airflow dags list-import-errors    List all the DAGs that have import errors                
airflow dags list-jobs                  List the jobs       
airflow dags list-runs                  List DAG runs given a DAG id                                      
airflow dags next-execution       Get the next execution datetimes of a DAG                 
airflow dags pause                     Pause a DAG       
airflow dags report                    Show DagBag loading report                                                  
airflow dags reserialize             Reserialize all DAGs by parsing the DagBag files                  
airflow dags show                      Displays DAG’s tasks with their dependencies                   
airflow dags show-dependencies              Displays DAGs with their dependencies                             
airflow dags state                        Get the status of a dag run                                                     
airflow dags test                       Execute one single DagRun                                                 
airflow dags trigger                    Trigger a new DAG run. If DAG is paused then dagrun state will remain queued, and the task won’t run.
airflow dags unpause                 Resume a paused DAG