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MongoDB in Action

nosql codewithivy

#1 What is NoSQL?

Unlike the structured tables with rows and columns characteristic of SQL databases, NoSQL databases are engineered to handle various forms of data—structured, semi-structured, or unstructured...
nosql codewithivy

#2 Differences between SQL and NoSQL

While both NoSQLand SQL serve the purpose of storing and managing data, they differ significantly in their approach, structure, and use case...
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#3 What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a popular open-source, NoSQL database management system. It offers a range of tools and methods for accessing and interacting with data, catering to diverse preferences and use...
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#4 Install and config MongoDB on Mac and Docker

Hands on tutorial for installing MongoDB on Docker and Mac. Learn how to run, check the connection and solve issues...
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#5 Collections and Documents in MongoDB

In MongoDB, data is organised into collections and documents.A collection is a grouping of MongoDB documents. A document is a set of key-value pairs...
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#6 Basic Commands of MongoDB Shell

You will learn the basic commands in MongoDB Shell such as display and switch databases, show collections and terminate a running command...
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#7 Create and Insert Documents in MongoDB

You will learn how to create collection, create and insert documents with MongoDB shell and Compass...
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#7.1 Demo: Create a collection and insert Documents

This is full demo of creating collection and adding multiple documents. Code is attached...
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#8 Find Documents in MongoDB

The find() is a powerful tool that empowers us to execute diverse selections based on specific criteria...