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#6 Basic Commands of MongoDB Shell

In this tutorial, I will show you the basic commands of MongoDB Shell.

1. Display the database you are using

# for example, I'm currently in the netflix_movie database
> db
< netflix_movie

2. Switch databases

Notice: When you switch databases, the database does not have to be there. For example, although the database airbnb does not exist, the command still can execute successfully.

> use airbnb;
< switched to db airbnb

3. Show all databases

Notice: Only the netflix_movie database is created by me, the rest are created my MongoDB automatically.

> show databases
< admin           40.00 KiB
  config         108.00 KiB
  local           40.00 KiB
  netflix_movie    8.00 KiB

4. Show all collections

For example, I have two collections called movies and ratings in the database.

> show collections
< movies

5. Terminate a running command

To terminate a running command or query in mongosh, press Ctrl + C.