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#7 Create and Insert Documents in MongoDB

1. Create a Collection

  • Create a collection
  • Display all collections in the current database
  • Access collections property
#Create a new collection called aribnb
> db.createCollection("aribnb")   
< { ok: 1 }    
# Display all collections in the currently selected database
> show collections                
< aribnb

#Access collections property
> db.getCollectionNames()
< ['aribnb']

2. Create and Insert Document

To create a document in MongoDB, you first need to insert it into a collection. For example, I will add one document into the airbnb collection.

You can use insertOne() to insert one document or use insertMany() to insert multiple documents

# create a collection called rooms and insert one document into it

> db.rooms.insertOne({
  "listing_url": "",
  "name": "Ribeira Charming Duplex",
  "summary": "Fantastic duplex apartment with three bedrooms, located in the historic area of Porto, Ribeira (Cube)...",
  "interaction": "Cot - 10 € / night Dog - € 7,5 / night",
  "house_rules": "Make the house your home...",
  "property_type": "House",
  "room_type": "Entire home/apt",
  "bed_type": "Real Bed",
  "minimum_nights": "2",
  "maximum_nights": "30"})

< {
  acknowledged: true,
  insertedId: ObjectId('6604b009c49e849d79b781d1')

If we check the GUI in MongoDB Compass, it will look like this.

Notice: we did not create or assign the _id, MongoDB automatically creates one for you. The _id It is unique and identifies each document in the collection.

Example of insertMany()

# add three documents into a collection called listings.
    title: "Cozy Apartment in Downtown",
    description: "A comfortable apartment located in the heart of the city.",
    price: 100,
    location: "Downtown",
    rating: 4.5
    title: "Luxurious Villa with Ocean View",
    description: "Experience luxury with breathtaking ocean views.",
    price: 500,
    location: "Beachfront",
    rating: 5
    title: "Charming Cottage in the Countryside",
    description: "Escape the hustle and bustle in this serene countryside cottage.",
    price: 200,
    location: "Rural",
    rating: 4

# we can see three documents have been added.
< {
  acknowledged: true,
  insertedIds: {
    '0': ObjectId('6604b3d4c49e849d79b781d3'),
    '1': ObjectId('6604b3d4c49e849d79b781d4'),
    '2': ObjectId('6604b3d4c49e849d79b781d5')